Play squash in the Vaud Alps

A game of squash can be intense and sporty or played in a more relaxed way. During your stay in the Vaud Alps, many sporting activities are available for you to try out.

If you enjoy physical and intense sports, squash is ideal for you with its intensity and varied movements.

Hit the little rubber ball with all your might! With your playing partner taking turns, try to feint, using the rebounds against the walls of the court to win the point.

The courts are available throughout the year and open to all. The back of the court is entirely glazed so allowing spectators to have the ideal view to admire the exchanges and encourage the players during the competitions.

Footwork, rebounds and drop shots make the game fun, intense and accessible even for newcomers. One session is more than enough to let off steam while having fun or for a good cardio workout.

Other indoor activities that may also interest you!

Tennis and padel are alternatives to squash in terms of ball games. The Vaud Alps’ sports centres offer various facilities for practising indoor sports.

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