On an off-road scooter or mountain cart in the Vaud Alps

Get on an off-road scooter or sit in a mountain cart. During your descent, pass by the Alpine chalet, go along the cow paddocks, cross the stream, you choose the pace at which you visit these charming places.

Hit the slopes of the Vaud Alps at the handlebars of a off-road scooter, a Dirt Scooter or at the wheel of a mountain cart. These machines are mounted on tyres that cushion the irregularities of the rocky terrain of our mountain trails. The comfort of these tyres in no way detracts from the thrills that these machines provide.

From the top of the mountains to the heart of the resorts, the descent offers splendid views, passes next to Alpine chalets and along forests. The progression is carried out at your own pace on paved roads or dirt tracks, passes over small bridges over streams. Take a few breaks during your descent to prolong the pleasure and admire the wonderful landscapes.  

Off-road scooter

Climb aboard the Roc d'Orsay or Les Chaux gondola with your scooter. If you are looking for an easier starting point, then take the Villars Bretaye train. Embark on the adventure by following the different marked trails adapted to all levels. 

Our sports shops offer half-day off-road scooter rental. Follow their advice to practise this fun activity safely. Children can also try the adventure depending on the equipment rented.

Off-road scooter

Enjoy an off-road scooter ride !

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On a Dirt Scooter

In Leysin, opt for the Dirt Scooter, scooters with big wheels to go down the slopes at full speed! Hit the dirt roads and ski slopes from the Mayen refuge to the village of Leysin. This activity is reserved for groups from 8 people.

Leysin - Dirt Scoot - summer
Dirt Scoot

Ready for an adventure? Dirt scooters give you a thrill and a lot of laughs on the way down.

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By Mountain Cart

The mountain cart is a machine halfway between the cart and the bicycle. It adapts to almost any terrain and allows you to descend the slopes in a safe and comfortable manner. Hit the trails from the top of the Roc d'Orsay gondola to Villars over a distance of 5 km and 700m drop in altitude.

Mountain cart
Mountain Cart

The mountain cart, an activity full of sensation for a memorable descent on the slopes of Villars.

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Looking for thrills? Try out the activities of the Vaud Alps!

Do you want to hit the slopes at top speed? Try downhill biking or mountain biking or try rafting on the Sarine!

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