Bowling alleys in the Vaud Alps

Aim well, roll the ball and try to score more strikes; the bowling alleys of the Vaud Alps are the guarantee of a good night out. Children, teenagers and adults, everyone has fun.

Bowling gives everyone a chance! Children or teenagers, a group of friends or colleagues, everyone gets into the game and tries to knock down as many pins as possible.

Accumulate strikes or have a good time during an evening in the various bowling alleys in our region.

Approved tracks, but also a bar, billiard tables, electronic games or darts await you in these entertainment centres. All tracks are equipped with barriers to make play accessible for children. Ramps are also available for the little ones.

For all those who wish to progress in this technical and exciting sport, professional lessons are available on request!

Bowling Villars
All the bowling alleys in the Vaud Alps

Get yourself in the right position, aim, roll and wait for the score. Satisfied?


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Join the sports centres and go from leisure to sport, from well-being to fun or from training to compete in a tournament.

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