Climbing in the Vaud Alps

Discover the different climbing spots in the Vaud Alps

Numerous and diversified, the climbing spots of the Vaud Alps are an incredible playground!

Climbing is a discipline full of rigour that allows you to learn to let go and boosts self-confidence. Enthusiasts of nature, mountains and freedom will agree; the sensations are multiplied when you practise this activity outdoors, on a natural rock face.

With or without a guide, beginners or more experienced climbers have at their disposal many climbing routes that are practicable in summer.

One of the best known in the region is undoubtedly the “Miroir d’Argentine”, located in the municipality of Bex. It offers about fifteen climbing routes equipped with metal spits (anchoring system) which cross the 400 m. of elevation of the wall.

Climbing and bouldering rooms

In case of bad weather or for training, the climbing or bouldering rooms are ideal for stretching your fingers, exercising your muscles and sharpening your concentration before launching yourself on the outside walls.

Guides to accompany you

To guide you in the practice of climbing, why not ask our mountain climbing experts.

Climbing spots in the Vaud Alps

Harnesses, ropes, strong muscles, climb!


Climbing during high-level competitions!

Climbing is a spectacular discipline. The Vaud Alps have the privilege to organise one of the stages of the Climbing World Cup and also several national competitions, welcoming each year the best in the world and the Swiss elite of the discipline.

Make the most of our outdoor activities

Climb the rock walls of the Vaud Alps on the via ferrata routes or discover the hidden treasures of our mountains in potholing. Many outdoor activities await you!

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