Olivier Fatzer

Climbing rooms in the Vaud Alps

The Vaud Alps, an ideal playground for indoor climbing.

Rock climbing has been enjoying an increase in popularity in recent years. In addition to mythical outdoor climbing sites, the Vaud Alps offer several climbing and bouldering rooms. Climbers of all levels will find their perfect climb to train on in the different structures.

The climbing rooms are made up of several sections of wall with varying inclinations on which holds allow you to hoist yourself up to conquer the wall.

Bouldering is practiced without a harness or rope since the purpose is not to climb very high. The floor is covered with a thick carpet that cushions any falls. This type of climbing is fun and suitable for all ages.

Put your balance, strength and concentration to the test while developing your endurance. Come with friends or challenge yourself then afterwards take time out to relax.

Boulder room - Leysin
All climbing rooms in the Vaud Alps

Maintain your climbing form, try bouldering or indoor climbing


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Entertaining indoors has the advantage of being in the shade on hot sunny days or being sheltered from adverse weather conditions. No reason to give up maintaining your fitness or having fun. Many indoor leisure ideas are available to you.

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