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The summits and viewpoints of the Alpes vaudoises

In addition to the highest point of the Diablerets massif at 3,210 metres above sea level, the region offers many opportunities to climb to the peaks and contemplate the best viewpoints in the Vaud Alps. Something to create everlasting memories!

See you at the top?

No need to climb 4,000 metre peaks to surpass yourself and have access to breathtaking panoramic views. Indeed, if you feel the call of the heights and a need for total immersion in the mountains, the peaks of the Alpes vaudoises will meet your expectations and will provoke the wonder of contemplating nature in its purest state. With the satisfaction of being fully rewarded by reaching the top!

Hiking to a summit
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Peak, Tower, Summit: we're getting ready to climb the mountains

Sometimes these places are well worth the effort. It is with the strength of your calf muscles that you can achieve your goal and enjoy the best panoramic views. Other times, the peaks are more accessible. It is thanks to mountain transport, train or gondola that you can reach them.

Once the summit is reached, enjoy the view and take in the mountain air! Let yourself be carried away by the landscapes that await you. Panoramic views, high peaks that reveal themselves on the horizon, striking contrasts and the multitude of colours that Mother Nature offers according to the seasons: emotions guaranteed.

Climb peaks with a guide

Do you want to climb peaks but don't feel comfortable going alone on mountain trails? This is quite understandable. To walk with a free spirit and to feel safe, call on mountain guides. These professionals will accompany you to the highest peaks where the views are spectacular. They also guarantee you a fully immersive experience, with tips and anecdotes too!

Other activities that may interest you

The paths of the Alpes vaudoises take you to summits and other horizons.

Capture your best moments

Once back home, the emotions felt during the day will of course linger in your mind. But what a pleasure to be able to share with your loved ones the images of your ascent, and to change your computer wallpaper at work, just to give you a taste of your next adventure while prolonging the memory of this experience. Join us on social networks and share your best photos on social networks with the mention #alpesvaudoises!

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