A glass of cocktail at the Valrose restaurant in Rougemonta

Bars and nightclubs in the Vaud Alps

To have a drink or dance until the end of the night, go to the bars and nightclubs of the Vaud Alps.

Do you have any energy left after your day in the mountains? Lively music, a group of friends, good humour... continue the evening together in a bar or nightclub in the Vaud Alps.

The festive atmosphere of the resorts takes you into an effervescent evening. Come and sample the fiery atmosphere, dance to steady rhythms, listen to music and have a drink in one of our many places dedicated to night-time parties, where you can meet fellow night owls.

You can enjoycocktails, beer specialities or discover local wines. Special events are organised here, such as themed evenings.

Bring your dancing shoes and liven up the dancefloor!

Le Bar du Palace
All our bars and nightclubs

Jazzy atmosphere, cosy atmosphere or dancing all night long, the choice is yours!


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