The trail running in the Alpes vaudoises

The relief of the Alpes vaudoises fits perfectly with the practice of trail running.

The Vaud Alps have trail routes suitable for all levels, with more than 140km of trails. Thanks to a dense network of trails and optimal signposting, the region is perfect for trail running. 

This sport, which has become extremely popular in recent years, is a sport as old as running, since it involves running in the heart of nature on all types of paths. This discipline is not only practiced in the mountains, but the presence of steep gradients both uphill and downhill is often part of trail runs.

In the Vaud Alps, trail runners soon find themselves near vineyards, in the heart of an Alpine pasture, in the middle of a forest, on the edge of a mountain lake or on a summit, why not discover breathtaking panoramic views at each opportunity.

The STRAVA challenges of the Vaud Alps

In the Vaud Alps, there are many possibilities to train and develop the athlete in us. Whether on a bike or on a trail, measuring ourselves allows us to see the evolution of our endurance and to know if so much effort is bearing fruit. Several STRAVA challenges are offered in the Vaud Alps.

These challenges are open to everyone since they are carried out individually at your own pace. Everyone registers on the platform and embarks on the STRAVA course.

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Trail running routes from the plains to the peaks

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Events around trail running and running in the Vaud Alps

Several popular trail races take place in our area. This is a great opportunity to meet and compete with other trail runners and see the most athletic at work. The festive atmosphere around these popular races makes it a friendly gathering worthy of a village festival.

Other outdoor activities that may interest you

The trails of the Vaud Alps can be explored by walking or running. It's up to everyone to find their own rhythm and set off to explore nature that is all around us. Maintaining your health during intense physical exercise or quietly getting some fresh air on the move; there are many ideas for recharging your batteries in nature. The simple fact of going to a summit is regenerating!

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