Mountain biking in the Vaud Alps

Discover mountain biking trails in the Vaud Alps

Mountain bike routes: adventure, sport and nature

Go on a mountain bike adventure on the trails of the Vaud Alps! 

An ideal sport for nature lovers, mountain biking is a complete sport. It offers so many pleasures but it will test to the limit the thighs of any out-of-practice cyclist. Yet happiness often comes at the end of a climb where you reach that special viewpoint, a lake or a refreshment bar that rewards all your efforts. 

When you are on a bike, your field of vision is unrestricted. You cross a forest, pass a century-old Alpine chalet, cycle alongside an Alpine lake; the landscapes are beautiful and varied. Take your foot off the pedal and contemplate what lies ahead, admire the bird of prey that’s gliding above! Why not visit a point of interest while you’re on your two-wheel adventure? 

And what’s more, the routes have no or very little traffic.

Guides are available to accompany you

To improve your cycling skills or to accompany you, mountain bike guides are your best allies.

Rent or have your mountain bike serviced

The cycle shops welcome you for the rental, repair or maintenance of your mountain bike. Complete your equipment with useful accessories for your bike. These passionate specialists provide valuable advice when buying a mountain bike or on the various adjustments to be made to ensure you feel comfortable for the duration of the adventure.

Biking and disability

Numerous leisure activities are organised by structures specialised in supporting people with physical or mental health problems. The committed instructors, who are passionate about their sport, take great satisfaction in providing intense moments of pleasure and emotion to people with limited autonomy.

All mountain bike routes in the Vaud Alps

Discover mountain biking trails in the Vaud Alps


Cycling events in the region

Several popular or elite cycling events take place in the Vaud Alps. Come and see or support these top-class athletes or even participate in these events dedicated to different levels.

Vary the pleasures and try the various forms of cycling

If mountain biking appeals to you, other ways of cycling may also be just as enjoyable.

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