By e-bike in the Vaud Alps

Ride your e-bike along the paths of the Vaud Alps.

The e-bike: a bicycle accessible to all

The use of the electric bike makes it possible to adapt to the physical condition of its user. No need to have calves as muscular as a champion to embark on the many routes of the Vaud Alps! Thanks to electric assistance, which allows you to moderate your effort, you can now take even long cycles without fear of the climbs. 

With an e-bike, it is possible to cover the whole region easily thanks to the wide variety of routes, while crossing landscapes alternating between plain and mountain.

E-bike routes for everyone with or without a guide

Routes ideally designed for e-bike outings lasting from a few hours to several days await you from all over the Vaud Alps. To learn how to master your e-bike, save your battery on a long journey or to discover the region with an expert, our bike instructors will accompany you on your adventures.

Equip yourself and take care of your e-bike

Bike shops offer maintenance and give you advice and articles to keep your e-bike in good condition and to carry out the necessary updates. Your bike works, so your rides are carried out serenely and with pleasure.

A large network of e-bike chargers

Several charging stations are distributed in the Vaud Alps. While the battery is charging, seize the opportunity to visit a village, taste a specialty, have a drink... combine business with pleasure!

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All e-bike routes in the Vaud Alps

By e-bike from the valley to the summits

Discover the e-bike routes

Participate in cycling events in the region

The roads of the Vaud Alps regularly host national and international cycling competitions, popular competitions and Bike Test.

Vary the pleasures and try the various forms of cycling

If e-biking appeals to you, other ways of cycling may also be just as enjoyable.

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