Visit of castles: discover the historical monuments of the Alpes vaudoises

Enthusiasts of old building steeped in history and visiting castles, the fortified houses and castles of the Vaud Alps await your visit to reveal their secrets to you.

Castles to visit in the region

The Alpes vaudoises region has two historic buildings that bear witness to their rich past. The first, the Château d'Aigle, stands in an enchanting setting in the middle of a renowned vineyard. This 12th century monument also houses the Vine, Wine and Wine Label Museum.

The second, the Château de la Roche, is located in the quaint wine-growing village of Ollon, located in the heart of the old town. This 13th century fortified house has a long and fascinating history. Restored in successive stages since 1989, it is open to the public for exhibitions, concerts and workshops. Visits to these castles will delight all curious people, both young and old!

A castle and a museum in the vineyards

Between past and present: historic places reinventing themselves

Formerly places of life, gatherings and celebrations, the castles of the Alpes vaudoises perpetuate the tradition by now offering many activities that highlight the gastronomic culture, local crafts or cultural events in the region. Wine tourism trails also allow you to discover the rich heritage of the wine-growing world and to plunge into the heart of the region's terroir.

The Alpes vaudoises invite you to explore their cultural heritage

If you enjoyed visiting these castles, why not continue to explore the region steeped in traditions.

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