Recreational areas and playgrounds in the Alpes vaudoises

Find the courage to try a skydive, climb aboard a mini train, race in a model car, let yourself go sliding down the slides, the amusement parks of the Alpes vaudoises welcome children from 0 to 100 years old!

During the holidays, take the opportunity to distract your mind from the hectic daily routine. Experience moments of joy with thrilling, unusual distractions accessible to all members of the family. Good humour sets in and laughter bursts forth. Experiments and games help children to learn new activities.

Make the most of the leisure parks, equipped play areas and places of entertainment in the Alpes vaudoises to share unforgettable moments of bonding with the children.

Indoor leisure centre or outdoor recreational space, several structures welcome children in separate spaces according to their age.

Espace Junior kid - Aigle
Leisure and entertainment for the whole family in the Vaud Alps

Entertainment, laughter and family fun in our leisure spaces


The playgrounds

In the Alpes vaudoises, the playgrounds are located in the village with a view of the peaks or in the woods in the shade of tall trees. Some require a decent walk to get there. The facilities vary from place to place and are suitable for all ages.

Place de jeux Villars
Playgrounds in the forest, with a view of the Vaud Alps or in the heart of the village.

Children spend long hours outdoors playing.


Go from the slide to the picnic “table”

After so much effort and when it is time to eat, crown your day with a meal taken in the open air, the children go from the swing to the meal with pleasure.

There are plenty of picnic spots in the Alpes vaudoises. They face the mountain or offer a beautiful view, located on the edge of a lake or in the forest; you choose the ideal place for you and enjoy your meal.

Picnic area of the castle - summer - Aigle
Picnic places in the Vaud Alps

Outdoor fun and entertainment makes you hungry! Take out the picnic and enjoy.

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