Rafting sur la Sarine - Personnes à bord du raft

Rafting in the Alpes vaudoises

Want to try the ultimate river experience? Embark on a memorable rafting trip in the Vaud Alps. On the programme: a good dose of fun, freshness and breathtaking gorges.

Rafting outing: full of thrills and nature

The best place to go rafting in the Vaud Alps is unmistakably the descent of the Sarine, between Gstaad and Château-d’Œx. The river offers you 15 kilometres of whirlpools, rapids and rollers, as well as the passage of two impressive gorges. It is the ideal activity for an immersion in nature, where the current reigns supreme.

Rafting: what does it involve?

Aboard your unsinkable inflatable raft, you descend the Sarine in the company of your teammates and your guide. The raft allows the descent of the rapids in a completely safe and fun way. To manoeuvre the raft, you will of course have to use your paddle and your team spirit.

A river activity accessible to all

Are you a complete novice or are you already very comfortable on the descents? The qualified guides who accompany you on your rafting adventure adapt the level of the activity according to the participants and can offer alternatives for beginners or more experienced enthusiasts. Everyone can therefore find their right dose of adrenaline and take full advantage of their rafting outing.

Preparing for a successful rafting outing

The two conditions to be able to go down the river in a raft are to know how to swim and to be at least 12 years old. All of the equipment for the activity will be provided by the organiser. Just remember to take your swimsuit, a towel and sunscreen. And don't forget to equip your sunglasses with a lanyard so you don't lose them in the rapids!

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