A man making a pendulum jump at the Gorges du Pissot

Pendulum jump in the Vaud Alps

Pendulum jumping, a sensational activity in a spectacular site in the Vaud Alps

Self-transcendence, apprehension, strong sensations but above all pleasure, emotions are at the rendezvous with the pendulum jump.

Harnessed and equipped, you're ready to jump into the void. A strong acceleration followed by the centrifugal force takes you in an ample pendulum movement without any shock, guaranteed thrills... Finally the hovering pendulum movement brings you back to calmer sensations. Pull yourself together and let yourself be lulled by this movement in the magnificent Pissot gorges.

As impressive as it is wonderful, you can enjoy the view and the wild nature from the footbridge before the big jump. Don't think too much, throw yourself into the void!

Saut pendulaire
Swinging jump

Securely secured, jump and feel the adrenaline of this giant swing located at more than 100 meters high in the heart of the Pissot gorges!

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