The art of paper cutting, a unique know-how in the Vaud Alps

Representation of climbs to the mountain pastures and reflection of life in the mountains, the art of cutting is a combination of tradition and modernity.

Imported from the East, the art paper cutting found its niche in Switzerland in the Pays-d'Enhaut, in the Vaud Alps, home of the fathers of this art: Johann Jakob Hauswirth (1809 -1871) and Louis Saugy (1871-1953). The two masters have taken the use of scissors and paper to the highest level of perfection, far beyond pure craftsmanship.

The cut-outs are made in the respect of tradition. Representations of climbs to the mountain pastures and other reflections of mountain life are made with paper and scissors or a cutter: a real art of meticulous work and creation succeeded by the craftsmen.

If the cut-outs of the time depicted daily life in the mountain villages of yesteryear, the art of papercutting has been modernised and current works take various forms.

Look closer, some details may have escaped you. The finesse of the details, the magic of a childish world and the scenes of daily life are the intriguing elements of the art of paper cutting.

To enable you to learn more, craftsmen open their workshops in order to pass on their passion or even to provide lessons in this historic but very much alive tradition.

The artists will show you their know-how

Admire the fine art of cutting


Paper cutting, an art to discover!

During a workshop and during an event, meet the artists with nimble fingers or learn about this meticulous practice.

Follow in the footsteps of this art!

Walk "Le Grand des Marques" in Château-d'Œx

Pays-d'Enhaut Région

Walk "Louis Saugy" in Rougemont

Find out more about the heritage of the Vaud Alps!

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