The lakes and rivers of the Vaud Alps

To refresh yourself, approach the alpine lakes of the Vaud Alps.

Water is a natural part of the nature of the Vaud Alps, changing from white in winter to blue and green reflections in summer. The shades of colour reflected on the surface of the water are inspired by the surrounding nature, from the green of the fir trees to the grey of the rocks and the blue of the sky.

During a hike, it is always good to take off your hiking shoes to enjoy the freshness of an Alpine lake.

Recharge your batteries on the banks and swim in the crystal clear water of our mountain lakes, discover a waterfall through the fir trees, enjoy the melodioussound of a river... Discover this translucent water that flows in our valleys and as far as the plains.

And why not indulge in a spot of fishing or a little dip in a lake?

Cascade du Ramaclé famille sur pont - Eté - Château-d'Œx - 2020 Corina Swan PackedAgain
The lakes, rivers and waterfalls of the Vaud Alps

Relax in clear, invigorating water.


The water of lakes, rivers and waterfalls is conducive to many activities.

Wunderschöne Wasserflächen gibt es in den Waadtländer Alpen. Diese Seen regen zur Betrachtung, zur Erfrischung oder zu verschiedenen spielerischen Aktivitäten an.

Savour the dishes of the restaurants or Alpine refreshment bars on the edge of a lake

From the terrace of a restaurant or an Alpine bar, contemplate the lake and the reflections of the mountains on its surface.

Is water your passion? Find the activity that best suits you!

Swim a few lengths in the pool or relax in weightlessness, activities in the water are a source of regeneration.

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