Escape Room_Pandoria-Aigle-Escape Room Château d'Aigle

Escape games in the Vaud Alps

You and your friends are going to have to cooperate and use your imagination to work together to get out of this situation. Ideas, a little strength, teamwork and you are free!

The curiosity of a detective is in you? That's good as you have the opportunity to use it.

Escape Games offer unique experiences to enjoy all year round in the Vaud Alps. Challenge yourself and take your friends, family, children or co-workers on this team-building adventure. Immersion in an extraordinary environment requires cohesion and team spirit. These are your best allies to solve the puzzles offered in our Escape Games.

Between stress, adrenaline and laughter, these games trigger many emotions! To achieve your goals, imagination, logic and creativity are necessary in order to solve the riddles, find the clues, make the right moves and find the solution.

All this allows you to find a key, a secret code or an element that gives you the possibility to escape from the room or find the solution to pass to the next level. Be as attentive as possible and as patient as necessary.

Elementary my dear Watson.

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Multiple experiences are possible in our region: on the ground, in the air and in the water. Holiday time is the ideal time for getting out of your routine and creating lasting memories.

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