Child riding a horse in a riding school in summer in Leysin

In the company of horses in the Vaud Alps

The horse, a noble and faithful companion of man, accompanies you along the pastures and on the trails of our region. A special moment of bonding between animal and man.

Riding a horse gives a feeling of freedom! Share a special moment in the vast spaces of the Vaud Alps with your mount.

In the riding schools and equestrian centres, you can take an initiation and learn the basics of horse riding, share time with your four-legged friend before going on a ride.

Take advantage of your stay to experience a special moment with the most faithful and noble friend of man.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, find a mount that suits you and enjoy a superb experience. 

Horse riding - summer - Leysin
Equestrian activities

For an initiation or a ride, make friends with the horses!


You are drawn to new experiences?

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