Man in a cave during a caving trip in Leysin

Caving in the Alpes vaudoises

The marvels of the subsoil of the Alpes vaudoises

Just like its grandiose panoramas, the Alpes vaudoises conceal hidden attractions within its subsoil. You enjoy the mountains, you explore them on foot, on skis or by bike, now explore inside these mountains. Step into the fascinating world of caving!

Caving tours

Caves to visit and explore

You will find yourself exploring cavities with large volumes and you will pass through narrow passages and discover underground streams as well as different types of rock. Try to understand the natural phenomena behind the rock formation.

Cave tours

Leysin is the first place in Switzerland where an underground adventure course has been set up. It includes a zip line and a via corda — a rope course, most often horizontal, but at a certain height with a few easy climbing passages.

This activity is accompanied by a guide. This specialist will gladly take you to his favourite playground. The experience will bring you closer to nature

Looking for adventure? Discover other activities to practice in the Alpes vaudoises.

Continue to explore the Alpes vaudoises by paraglider to gain height, soar from tree to tree on the tree climbing course or climb the rock walls.

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