Architecture in the Vaud Alps

The architectural landscape, a heritage to be deciphered!

Of mountains and valleys, the Vaud Alps are distinguished both by the beauty of their landscapes and by their architectural heritage. The authentic habitat found in the villages and hamlets reflects the way of life of the inhabitants of the region. For centuries and up to today, they have lived in harmony with nature, the art of farming, craftsmanship in respect of local traditions and resources.

As you walk through our villages, admire the chalets, which can be several hundred years old, made of wood, a local raw material and with stone bases. The facades are often ornate and sculpted in a remarkable way.

Today, this ancestral heritage is placed under the protection of local and cantonal authorities in order to preserve the harmony and character of the place, perpetuating traditions as well as ancient and modern know-how.

Stroll through our villages and have fun guessing the story that hides behind each section of wall, behind each building.

Exterior facade of the Chalet Les Fosses - Winter - Rougemont - Pays-d'Enhaut Region
The architectural heritage of the Vaud Alps

Discover the different architectural sites

One of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland

Charming hamlets, picturesque sites, historic districts, the Vaud Alps are home to villages with a remarkable character. Rougemont is particularly noteworthy as a member of the association "Les plus beaux villages de Suisse". Visit these places and take a break in the heart of the village.

©Claire de Lune

In the Pays-d'Enhaut, guided tours of the villages in the valley teach you more about the architecture of the Alpine chalet in general. A guide with a passion for heritage will tell you anecdotes about the typical nature of the chalet in the Pays-d'Enhaut, the way the villages were organised in the past and the seasonal life of this region. For a cultural and gourmet immersion in the valley, combine a guided tour with a tasting of local products.

A self-guided tour of the villages is also available. Equipped with an audioguide, you can walk around and listen to the history of the village, the buildings and the key monuments.

Temple of Château-d'Oex - summer - Château-d'Oex - Pays-d'Enhaut Region
Discovering the villages of the Pays-d'Enhaut

Audio guide in hand, visit the villages of the Pays-d'Enhaut


The heritage of the Vaud Alps is rich, find your inspiration there!

Let yourself be transported by the know-how of local artists and artisans and enrich your stay through cultural discoveries.

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