Minigolf and disc golf in the Vaud Alps

Concentrate on making your best shot! A game of miniature golf is a fun activity to share with the whole family. A variant that combines a bit more walking with disc golf is just as fun.


To train on the miniature version of the two flagship golf courses in the Vaud Alps, several minigolf courses are available for your pleasure, for a fun moment to share with or without the children. Anyone can win the game, which adds intensity to the game!

Mini golf
Find a minigolf near you in the Vaud Alps

Get to your goal in as few moves as possible !


Disc Golf

Have you heard about Disc Golf of Frisbee Golf? On a course dotted with natural obstacles, several baskets are distributed. The rules of the game are the same as for golf, but here the goal is to place flying discs into the baskets. Discover the Disc Golf courses in Château-d'Œx and Leysin!

Disc Golf
Disc Golf in Pays-d'Enhaut

In the heart of the pastures, the disc golf offers you an unforgettable moment of relaxation.

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GSL - Frisbee golf
Disc Golf in Leysin

A 6-bin frisbee golf course

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Go to the next level and go to one of the two golf courses in the Vaud Alps. Great views, manicured grounds, thoughtful amenities, take time to relax during a game.

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