Go fishing in the Vaud Alps

Fishing in the mountain lakes and rivers of the Vaud Alps strongly links the fisherman to nature.

Fishing is like an escape that we share with ourselves or with those who are dear to us. The moment spent in nature calls for a return to the sources that connects to the present moment.

Dotted with numerous lakes and rivers, the Vaud Alps are a haven of pleasure for all fishing enthusiasts. With a fishing licence, cast your line and wait. The air is fresh, this downtime is pleasant, as is the expectation of seeing a trout or a perch wriggle at the end of the line. It is then up to you whether or not to release your fish…

Go fishing in preserved places

The fishing spots in the Vaud Alps can be found in places that are both relaxing, along a river, and majestic, on the shore of a glacial lake in the mountains. Note the beauty of the place while scanning the body of water. 

Secluded in nature, walk along the shore to find the perfect spot to cast your line along a river or along a river or by a mountain lake.

Get a fishing permit

In order to respect the life cycles of the river and lake fauna, fishing is subject to a permit. This fishing permit is available at various locations in the Vaud Alps.

Fishing equipment

Do you need fishing equipment? The shops in the Vaud Alps offer fishing equipment for hire or sale. Get advice directly from these outlets.

Pêche - Villars Lac Chavonnes - été -
Lakes and rivers where to go fishing

Patience and silence, the catch is at the end of the line!


You want to breathe fresh air into your life?

Bring originality into your life during your free time and venture into new “expeditions”. In the Vaud Alps, it is easy to find a new adventure to experience as there are so many of them. Horse riding, escape games, free flight or the art of paper cutting, of course, the choice is yours.

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