Tennis Centre des Sports de Villars

Tennis and padel in the Vaud Alps

Challenge your friends or family and play tennis or pade!

Want to smash the little yellow ball like a top tennis star? It is possible, whether you are an occasional or seasoned athlete.

Several tennis courts are available for hire to perfect your forehand and backhand. Unobstructed views of the peaks of the Vaud Alps or a wooded environment, the tennis courts are located in idyllic locations. Choose from the different surfaces and have fun on the court.

In the evening or in case of bad weather, the indoor courts are an ideal alternative to prolong your days by playing games. And to noticeably improve, take a few lessons with a tennis professional. 

WCC clay tennis courts - summer - Aigle
Find the tennis court that suits you

In the resort or on the plain, near a wood or with a view of the peaks


Combine sport and conviviality by playing padel!

Several padel courts are accessible in the Vaud Alps and complement the tennis facilities.

Padel is a mix between squash and tennis. This sport requires speed of action and energy. It provides intense emotions and promotes team spirit.

Play padel for fun or to win! If you are looking for intense physical activity, this sport that is played as a duo is for you. Challenge your friends or colleagues to a match.

Other summer activities that may also interest you!

Indoor activities are many and varied. Racquet sports can be practised both as a hobby with the children and when competing against sporting friends. Certain individual activities such as fitness or rock climbing give rise to wonderful encounters. After the sport, comes the moment of sharing during which we relive the moment.

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