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Our 4-legged companions in the Alpes vaudoises

During your holidays, take your dog on your adventures.

We offer you some activities that can be carried out with your faithful companion and answers to questions that dog owners often ask.

Firstly, dogs are welcome in all the lifts of the gondola or cable car type in the Alpes vaudoises as well as the trains. This applies in winter for access to the mountain restaurants at the top of the lifts and in summer for access to the hiking trails and summits.

Regarding chairlifts, in summer, access to the chairlifts of Villars and Leysin is permitted. In wintertime, dogs are not allowed on the alpine ski slopes. Access to the chairlifts is therefore prohibited.

Beautiful hikes along the rivers are suitable for dogs and pleasant for their master. Discover the activities and areas where you can freely take your dog, and places to stay where you and your dog are welcome.

Dogs in the protected areas

Perimeters to preserve flora, fauna and its habitat are delimited and contribute to the maintenance of natural resources. Dogs are admitted depending on the zones.

The nature conservation organisation Pro Natura regulates access specifically for each nature reserve. The Swiss Confederation enacts general protection provisions valid for all federal hunting reserves (districts francs fédéraux).

In the nature reserve of Tour d'Aï and Famelon above Leysin, access is possible for dogs. They must be kept on a leash.

In the nature reserve of Vallon de Nant above Bex as well as in that of the federal hunting reserve of Grand Muveran, dogs are also accepted. They must also be kept on a leash. The hamlet of Taveyanne above Gryon, the mountain pastures of Solalex and Anzeindaz and the Vallon de la Vare above Bex are included in this perimeter.

In the Gruyères Pays-d'Enhaut Regional Nature Park, dogs are allowed in certain areas. On the other hand, the natural reserves of La Pierreuse as well as that of Vanil Noir prohibit access to dogs. You will find in this document the restrictions and recommendations for going to the park with your dog.

On a walk with Fido

The daily walk with your dog takes on the appearance of hiking in unspoiled nature and a pleasant setting. Your canine friend is curious to discover a corner where every smell is a sign of new things. At the same time, you benefit from a breath of fresh air and unobstructed views of the surrounding peaks.

In summer, there are many possibilities away from the herds to exercise your companion.

Note that dogs must be kept on a leash in the forest, on the edge of the forest as well as on the adjoining meadows located in the agricultural zone from 1 April to 15 July. Likewise, in villages and around pastures occupied by livestock, dogs must be kept on a leash.

In winter, hiking and snowshoeing are accessible to dogs on a leash. The Nordic ski slopes are accessible to dogs on the skating track. On cross-country ski tracks, dogs are not allowed.

To be able to go on these routes for a long time with your companion, we remind you here of the importance of picking up your dog's droppings and being in control of your dog at all times for a good cohabitation.

To refresh your companion

During the summer and if your 4-legged friend loves water, take it to cool off by having a dip in one of the mountain’s natural lakes. Several lakes are suitable, however some are in protected areas, so you should keep your dog on a leash. You too can enjoy the pleasure of diving into the fresh mountain lakes.

Travelling with dogs

Your 4-legged friend is welcome on the trains criss-crossing the Alpes vaudoises. The amount of the train ticket varies according to the size of your dog.

For a size below 30 cm at shoulder height, the dog travels free, no ticket is required. It must be installed in a basket or luggage provided for its transport. This luggage is considered hand luggage; however, if you install it on a seat, a train ticket must be acquired.

An animal over 30 cm at shoulder height must have a reduced fare train ticket. It must stay under its master's seat so as not to impede the passage of travellers.

Take advantage of the large network of mountain trains in the Alpes vaudoises to go on hikes interspersed with train journeys or to visit sites renowned for their views.

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