Take the key to the vineyards for a walk with friends

On a splendid afternoon at the end of September, with the grape harvest in full swing, we headed to the Cloître district of Aigle to try out a wine-tourism experience offered by the Alain Emery winery. On the programme: discover the estate's wines and local delicacies in confidential locations, all with backpacks and a friendly treasure hunt atmosphere. Are you coming along?

✎︎ Alpes Vaudoises, ©︎ Alpes Vaudoises, ※︎ September 2023

What we loved❤️‍🔥

  • Opening hidden portals in the vineyards 🗝️

  • Feeling alone in the world among the vines 🍇

  • Discovering the "surprise" contents of our backpack 🎒

  • The fact that this activity is suitable for families and perfect for friends 🥰

  • The organisation of the activity, expertly handled👌

Getting together with friends at the Emery cellar

The atmosphere on this fine September afternoon lends itself perfectly to the wine-tourism activity we're about to discover: the grape-pickers are hard at work, the sun is shining and the sky is a cloudless blue...

We meet at 3.30pm at the winery, located in the charming cloister district. In front of the entrance to the cellar, we admire the tree from which hang bottles of the estate's wine, with labels featuring the Vaudois dialect.

The bottle tree in front of the Emery cellar ©️AlpesVaudoises

Welcome and start of the activity

Rahel, Alain Emery's wife, welcomes us and seats us around a small table outside to explain how La Clé des Vignes works, over an excellent glass of Chasselas. After the film explaining the history of the Emery winery and the winegrowing profession, we are given a map of the walk and a rucksack full of surprises to discover throughout the experience.

A 4-star welcome! ©️AlpesVaudoises

Discovering secret places in the vineyards

Let's set off for the walk! Armed with our map, we discover the first place (there are three in all) where we'll be spending some time. A special sign tells us that we're in the right place, so all we have to do is find the right key to open the gate!

Find the right key to open the vineyard door ©️AlpesVaudoises

Comfortably secluded in the middle of the vineyards, we set about discovering the contents of our rucksack. So as not to spoil the effect of the surprise, we won't tell you everything, except that we had a very relaxing and fun time, accompanied by a tasting of an Emery delicious wine.

Wine tourism experience and magical atmosphere

We continued our stroll through the vineyards, discovering two other places specially set up for the activity, where we spent a really pleasant time in the light of a late Indian summer's day. Every detail has been carefully thought of: itinerary, games, decoration...

After two hours of walking and breaks, we returned to the Emery cellar to return the equipment. And we'll keep this activity in mind, perfect for spending some fun time with friends or family in the heart of the vineyards and learning more about the region's wine world.

A confidential place in the heart of the vineyards ©️AlpesVaudoises

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