Let's meet Stéphanie, a winegrower in Aigle.

Between vineyard and cellar: through the seasons

Stéphanie has been passionately working as a winegrower at Domaine de la Baudelière in Aigle for over 23 years. This job actually has two very distinct facets, which follow the rhythm and the stages of the vine. In winter and until September, we take care of the pruning of the vine, which leads us to the harvest. This is followed by the work in the cellar, which takes place until January.

A profession at one with nature

Stéphanie particularly appreciates the fact of exercising a profession punctuated by the seasons, which makes it possible to produce something tangible. For her, this is what makes up the richness of the profession of a winegrower. Her advice for those looking to get started? Being driven by passion and wanting to take up challenges, because it remains a demanding and difficult job.

A great wine? The one that creates emotion

The main grape variety of Domaine de la Baudelière is Chasselas, which particularly thrives in this type of terroir. The ideal conditions for a good harvest? A great season, without extremes. And only good grapes put in the boxes. This is what will make it possible to produce a wine that is balanced between flavours and aromas, and which will make it a grand cru.

The best occasion to taste a good wine? To be in good company. Wine is all about sharing !

Stéphanie, winemaker at Domaine de la Baudelière

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