Ski patroller

Meet Nicolo Agostini on the slopes of Villars-Gryon-Les Diablerets.

Nicolo Agostini has been working as a ski patroller in Villars-Gryon-Les Diablerets for seven seasons. A unique job that allows him to spend his days on the mountain throughout the winter and have contact with the clientele.

Every day, with his colleagues, like guardian angels, he prepares the ski area to make it safe and watches over skiers in case of an accident.

His day starts at around 7.30am to decide if the slopes can open, he then checks the domain to signal if there is any possibility of danger on the slopes.

Avalanche risks are assessed by observing the snow cover. Every morning, he measures the height of the snow and the height of the fresh snow.

During the day, the ski patrol monitors the slopes and is ready to intervene in the event of a fall or injury to skiers on the slopes. In the event of an accident, after assessing the condition of the person, information is given to the control centre and a decision is taken on how to evacuate the injured person.

The Vaud Alps are unique... There are beautiful mountains for skiing and ski touring. The proximity to the lake makes this region superb.
Nicolo Agostini

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