Hero - Yvorne on a summers evening


Ranked among the most beautiful villages in Switzerland

In Yvorne, named "The most beautiful villages in Switzerland" in 2017, agricultural plains, wine-growing hillsides, forests and pastures blend together in gentle harmony.

Although wine-growing is the main source of income, a large agricultural area is part of the territory. On the land of the Rhône plain, intensive cultivation without livestock is practiced. Located in the Chablais region of Vaud, the 1,200 hectare territory stretches from the banks of the Rhône to the foothills of the Tour d'Aï, at an altitude of nearly 2,000 metres.

With nearly 160 hectares of vines, Yvorne is one of the largest wine-producing communities in the canton. A vineyard known throughout the country and even beyond its borders, the reputation of its white and red wines is well established. The Commune of Yvorne offers seven wines, with a strong emphasis on Chasselas. Four specialities are also offered, including a Mondeuse and an Œil de Perdrix.

A real floral embellishment known far and wide, several horticultural companies cultivate numerous specialities that are distributed and sold throughout the country. These companies cultivate the largest area of greenhouses in Switzerland.

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