Yoan Loeffler

Yoan Loeffler

Yoan Loeffler, rally driver and ambassador of Villars

It is thanks to his parents that Yoan started out in motor sports, as they were practising these sports before he was born. After qualifying for his driving licence, he went on to obtain his motor racing licence. At the age of 19, once he had completed an apprenticeship, he took steps to find sponsors that enabled him to go in for his first rally, and this happened to be in his home town of Chablais! After this initial success, he managed to get together the money to take part in two further rallies, and these also went well for him. In 2017, after a terrible accident, he was forced to take a break for two years. He had the opportunity to regain his physical form thanks to the facilities at the sports centre in Villars. He went on to compete again in 2019, after a year of recovery which turned out to be very positive. Yoan Loeffler in a few words: a hard worker, leaving nothing to chance and thorough.

He skied in Villars during his childhood. The sports facilities at the sports centre in Villars enabled him to regain his physical form. 

  • WON the Ticino round of the Clio Trophy Switzerland and the Swiss Junior Rally Championship. At the same time, Yoan also won the Rally5 class! 

  • Yoan is officially the Swiss Junior Vice-Champion and he has moved up to 3rd place in the Clio Trophy Switzerland. 

  • 2nd in our class (Rally5), 4th in the under 25s and 27th overall out of 77 entries in the Rally Della Valle Intelvi.

  • 10th overall in the Swiss Rally Championship all categories combined

Essential about him

Yoan Loeffler
I never lose! I either win or I learn! Endurance is one of the most difficult things. But those who keep going win in the end.
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