Hero - View of snow-covered Leysin at night, panorama of Pic Chaussy and Chamossaire - Winter - Leysin

Top 5 night-time activities to try out this winter in the Alpes vaudoises

Discover our selection of winter night-time experiences

1. Skiing in the moonlight

Night owls and thrill-seekers are in for a unique skiing experience in the Alpes vaudoises. The floodlit slopes invite you to hurtle down the mountain, while the reflections of the fresh snow sparkle under the glow of the floodlights. Whether you're a seasoned skier or an intrepid beginner, night skiing guarantees unforgettable thrills and starlit memories. Get ready to hit the slopes - the magic happens after the sun goes down!

2. Snowshoeing under the stars

A night-time snowshoe walk adds a whole new dimension to the magic of winter. Grab your snowshoes and let yourself be guided along mysterious trails, where every step echoes in the silence of the night. The stars twinkle above you, lighting your way as the snow sparkles beneath your feet. An unforgettable winter adventure!

3. Sledging by night

Ready to hit the slopes in the dark? Sit on your sled, glide through the winding bends and enjoy a pure moment of adrenalin under a starry sky. It's a thrilling winter experience that leaves stars in your eyes at every turn. Get ready for some memorable night-time descents!

4. Cross-country skiing at night

For lovers of tranquility and snow-covered landscapes, cross-country skiing at night promises a peaceful adventure under the stars. Glide effortlessly through immaculate trails, softly lit by the glow of the moon. The serenity of winter nature blends with the gentle sensation of gliding for a unique cross-country skiing experience. Recharge your batteries on this enchanting night-time getaway!

5. Ski touring on night mode

Fancy a night-time climb? Grab your hiking gear (or hire it), climb the snowy slopes by headlamp light, and reach the summits with breathtaking views over the illuminated valley. This is an experience for those who love a challenge and want to taste the excitement of ski touring in the middle of the night. Embark on an adventure that combines sport and contemplation in an unforgettable setting!

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