Grand Train Tour of Switzerland : The ride of a lifetime

A small mix-up derails the plans of Roger Federer and Trevor Noah, leading them to the ride of a lifetime on the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland.

Watch the two friends on their epic adventure through the stunning landscapes of Switzerland.

About the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland: Discover all sights and landmarks Switzerland has to offer from the comfort of a train. The Grand Train Tour merges the most beautiful panoramic lines into one unique route with 11 large lakes, 5 Unesco World Heritage Sites and 1280 kilometers of magnificent view in between.

Grand Train Tour of Switzerland

MOB train line

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Parc naturel paysage - été - Pays-d'Enhaut - ©ST-BAFU Marcus Gyger
Welcome to Pays-d'Enhaut

Château-d'Œx - Rougemont - Rossinière

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