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Well-being and relaxation in the heart of winter in the Alpes vaudoises

The cold of winter gives its magical charm to the white landscapes of the Alpes vaudoises. After a winter’s day spent on the slopes, feel the benefits of a hot tub. Enjoy the heat of the sauna for your mind and body.

After your adventures in the fresh air to contemplate the winter beauty of the Alpes vaudoises, slip into a hot whirlpool bath and feel the pleasant contrast of winter heat.

On holiday, it is a time for relaxing. Make some time for yourself and alternate saunas, hammams and baths according to your desires. The body recharges as it is exposed to the cold of winter and the heat of the wellness centres.

Take a break from the continuous rhythm of your life and take time out to fully regenerate your body. For a more intense experience, enjoy a massage or body treatment.

Water has been recognised as a source of well-being since the beginning of time. Several wellness centres offer different specificities, such as the Bains de Lavey, whose thermal water is the hottest in Switzerland. Les Bains de Villars offers a breathtaking view directly from your place in the sauna.

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Bains de Lavey

Relax in natural hot water

Discover Les Bains de Lavey

After a day of skiing or snowshoeing, the warmth of a sauna or hammam is an indescribable feeling of well-being. Sit behind the bay windows of the Villars sauna and live this experience while contemplating the setting of the sun.

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Relax and enjoy the view of the mountains

Hot water, bubble baths and a spectacular view of the Vaud and Valais Alps


And if you wish to benefit from a more intense form of well-being, why not try out all the different types of massages and treatments performed by well-being professionals in your accommodation, in their practices or in the thermal centres.

Some hotels and chalets in the Alpes vaudoises offer wellness facilities. Bask in the swimming pools or jacuzzis of your accommodation.

Massage Spa - Villars - Chalet RoyAlp Hôtel & Spa
Massages and treatments

Take some time for yourself and recharge your batteries in spas and wellness areas!


Other activities that may also interest you

During your stay in the Alpes vaudoises, take advantage of the time available to practice sports that promote your well-being. Fitness is a good way to target areas to work on to undo the energy knots you feel. The swimming pools also allow you to exercise in a gentle way. Indoor sport combines exercise and entertainment, why not giving it some thought?

Coming for a a wellness break in Switzerland’s Alpes vaudoises

Want to take some time out for yourself for a day, a weekend or your next family holiday? Come and discover or rediscover the Alpes vaudoises, a unique region of French-speaking Switzerland that offers a wealth of opportunities for relaxation in wellness areas and spas. The region, located 3 hours from Zürich, 2 hours from Geneva and Bern, and only 1 hour from Lausanne, promises absolute relaxation and rejuvenation. All the while enjoying spectacular views and unspoilt nature.

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