Swimming pools and lakes in the Vaud Alps

Let yourself be surprised by the purity of the mountain lakes, waterfalls and rivers of the region. Popular excursion sites in summer, the water points of the Vaud Alps are there to refresh you

Summer is hot and you are looking for a cool spot? At the bend of a stream, at the foot of a waterfall, in the clear water of a mountain lake or in the basin of a swimming pool, you can choose your ideal place to take a dip and chill out!

In the spring, the mountain streams give a spectacular current due to the melting of the snow. Immerse yourself in this energy during a walk along the rivers.

The ice ages have left magnificent bodies of water, the mountains of the Vaud Alps are full of them. These lakes encourage contemplation, refreshment and various fun activities.  

All lakes, rivers and swimming pools at a glance
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