The summits and viewpoints of the Vaud Alps

Rise to the summits and contemplate the panoramic views of the Vaud Alps

See you at the top? There are many viewpoints from which to contemplate the breathtaking panoramic views of the Vaud Alps

Sometimes these places are earned! It is with the strength of your calves that you reach them. Sometimes these places are more accessible! It is thanks to mountain transport, train or gondola that you can reach them.

Once there, you can admire, contemplate, breathe! Let yourself be transported by the sublime landscapes that await you, the peaks as far as the eye can see, the striking contrasts and the colors of nature that change with the seasons. 

To bring a bit of the Vaud Alps back with you, immortalize these landscapes with a photo and share your most beautiful viewpoints on social networks #alpesvaudoises!

View from the Pointe de Cray summit - Summer - Château-d'Œx - Alice Jaquillard
The peaks and views of the Vaud Alps

Let yourself be transported by the landscapes of the Vaud Alps


Reach the peaks on foot

Progress to the heights! Your efforts are rewarded by the view of the mountain pastures where the herds graze peacefully, the lakes with pure waters which reflect the vegetation that surrounds them, the valleys which extend as far as the eye can see.

Randonnée sur la Glacier
Trekking to the summits

Walk to the top of the Vaud Alps and enjoy the view


On the way to the peaks

To walk with a free spirit, call on the mountain guides. They accompany you to the steepest peaks where the views are absolutely spectacular.

Other activities that may interest you

The paths of the Vaud Alps take you to summits or other horizons.

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