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Top 7 summer adventures in the Alpes vaudoises

This summer, why not experience the Vaud Alps under the theme of adventure!

Let yourself be surprised and discover activities that make you forget about your daily routine. The Vaud Alps are the ideal playground to practise various adventure activities!

Adventure for you, adventure for us and adventure for all!

Find the adventure that suits you best: off the beaten track, authentic, respectful of the environment or even strong in thrills and emotions. Each experience that we offer you to undergo in the Vaud Alps will certainly surprise you.

And you? What will be your next adventure in the Vaud Alps?

We present to you our top 7 suggestions!
1. The via ferrata – an aerial adventure

Venture beyond your comfort zone!

By committing to a via ferrata, you go from challenges to discoveries. Your whole body is called upon to evolve in this route laid out against the rock wall. The via ferrata routes of the Vaud Alps offer you, throughout your journey, spectacular views as aerial as they are sensational.

To be supervised and therefore more relaxed, why not let our mountain guides accompany you along the via ferrata. Climbing safety equipment can be rented in shops in the Vaud Alps.

2. Adventure parks – a tree-to-tree adventure

Go green and evolve at the top of the forest!

Put your balance to the test while walking, climb nimbly or leap from tree to tree! The adventure parks of the Vaud Alps will entertain you no matter what you’re looking for. Your children will have fun in the great outdoors and happily spend the day playing Tarzan. Adventure parks are located in enchanting forests. The courses offered are therefore suitable for all levels of difficulty and for children as young as 4 years old.

3. Canyoning – a refreshing adventure

Slide into the bed of the river and glide through the water!

Feel the sensations of a dip in the river and experiencethe river current in the canyoning descent. Basin, slide, waterfall, everything is natural in this nautical activity.

One of our canyoning guides will allow you to enjoy the descent safely and with greater peace of mind. You still need to be brave to jump off the rocks. And if this test is insurmountable, the guide will assist you to abseil at your own pace. Our guide is there to assist you and encourage you by sharing his/her passion while ensuring your safety.

Other white water activities to discover on the Sarine

4. Biathlon – aiming for adventure

Why not combine physical effort and calm to aim accurately!

Biathlon in summer? Yes, it is possible! Try this exciting discipline which requires both endurance and concentration, two of the essential qualities of great biathlon champions!

During the initiation sessions, thanks to the laser rifles, you can try this sport in complete safety. Challenge your friends and family and try to score 5/5 while shooting in the lying or standing positions!

5. Mountain carting – the puzzling adventure

Hit the slopes on a cart!

Try the Mountain Cart experience on the slopes of Villars; hang in there because the descent promises to be full of thrills and excitement.

No need to be a downhill world champion to set off on one of these machines equipped to ride on all types of path. You just need:

  • a good deal of courage to release (a little) your brakes

  • the overwhelming desire to overcome your fears for the less reckless Come on, let's go,put on your helmet and see you at the bottom!

The Mountain cart is a machine halfway between the cart and the bike. It adapts to almost any terrain and allows you to descend slopes in a safe and comfortable way. Take the start at the top of the Roc d'Orsay gondola (2,000m above sea level) and go down to Villars, a descent of 5km long and a drop in altitude of 700m.

6. Alpine coaster – adventure at the summit

Sledging at the summit in summer!

Glacier 3000 is an unmissable place for excursions: feel the thrills on the Peak Walk by Tissot, launch yourself on the Alpine Coaster, the highest summer toboggan run in the world or hike on the Glacier... These are just a few of the activities to try during the summer at Glacier 3000!

Hang on, the experience is breathtaking! At more than six metres above the ground, make yourself comfortable in the toboggan: you feel weightless. Let yourself descend on a 520° carousel and endure the 10 more or less steep bends!

  • Top speed: 40 km/hDistance to cover: 1 km

The Alpine Coaster gets your adrenaline pumping and your pulse racing!

7. The pendulum jump – sensational adventure

Jump into the Pissot gorges and swing!

The pendulum jump in Château-d'Œx pushes you way beyond your limits and gives you extreme intense emotions. Enjoy the natural beauty of the Pays d'Enhaut during this activity in the Pissot Gorges.

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