Alpes vaudoises Strava Challenge

Give your best on your road bike and take part in the Strava challenge in the Alpes vaudoises.

The Vaud Alps are a major cycling destination, with several routes and mythical mountain passes that attract many cycling fans. The Tour de France, Tour de Romandie and Tour de Suisse are regular cycling races that take place on the winding roads of the Vaud Alps. The Strava community is also well represented on these legendary climbs. Follow in the footsteps of champions or the most experienced Strava athletes.

From July 1st to September 30th, participate in the "Alpes vaudoises" Challenge on Strava! 

How to participate?
  1. Join the Strava Challenge club "Alpes vaudoises"

  2. Register your time on one or more of the following segments:

  • Villars - Col de la Croix (7.4km, 450m D+)

  • Les Diablerets - Col de la Croix (8.0km, 580m D+)

  • Barboleuse-Les Chaux (5.1km, 487m D+)

  • Ollon-Les Ecovets (9.1km, 750m D+)

  • Bex-Les Plans-sur-Bex (6.3km, 582m D+)

  • Diablerets-Pillon-Lac Retaud (5.9km, 474m D+)

  • Bévieux-Barboleuse (8.9km, 680 D+) NEW 2023

  • Verschiez-Panex (gravel, 3.82km, 308m D+) NEW 2023

At the end of the challenge, a prize board will be drawn to reward the participants. 1 segment completed = 1 chance to win, 2 segments = 2 chances, etc

This challenge is only available to cyclists registered at the  “Alpes vaudoises” Strava Club. It is not open to professionals, i.e. members of UCI-registered teams. We are counting on the participants’ fair play and reserve the right to disqualify any suspicious or unrealistic performances.

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The routes

The ascent to the Col de La Croix


The start is at the Villars Sports Centre. Immediately, we enter the heart of the matter: a steep climb then a gentler one to leave the village and reach the pastures. This is followed by a two-kilometre flat area to catch our breath. This is followed by a flat area of two kilometres to catch your breath. After this, the second half of the segment is tackled. This is 4 km of regular slope between 7 and 9%. At the top, you can admire the beautiful Alpage du Col de la Croix where L'Etivaz cheese is made every summer, as well as its herd. Finally, you reach the top of the pass at an altitude of 1,778 metres.

The ascent to the Col de La Croix


The start is at the exit of the village of Les Diablerets, at the level of the departure of the new Diablerets Express gondola. The climb is more or less regular. A distance of 8 km at 7%. It is punctuated by 4 switchbacks, 2 on the lower part of the pass and 2 on the upper part. This is an ideal fitness test! Two kilometres from the summit, you pass gypsum formations, a geological curiosity formed by erosion.

A low-traffic road


As soon as you leave Barboleuse, you get to the heart of the matter: it's steep! This segment is just over 5km long but with an average gradient of 9.6%, it will make you sweat. The first section up to Les Frasses is particularly tough, but then you have to keep going to reach the finish in front of the Chaux restaurant. Fortunately, the views are magnificent as you climb through the ski slopes of Gryon.

View over the plain


This segment is the ideal way to reach Villars from Ollon without taking the main road. It passes through Panex and Plambuit before reaching Les Ecovets. Often in the woods, it allows you to climb in the shade when the heat is on. But it also gives you the opportunity to admire the Rhone valley and the resort of Leysin as you leave the forest. The slope is often steep but the last sector between Plambuit and Ecovets offers gentler gradients that allow you to finish this segment with a smile on your face!

A mountain route


The ascent to Les Plans-sur-Bex from Le Bévieux is an ideal way to reach Gryon during the summer months. You first climb in the shade, in the coolness of the Avançon valley, before seeing the imposing Grand Muveran looming over Les Plans-sur-Bex. The steepest slopes are found after the hamlet of Frenières, about 1km from the summit. Once you arrive in Les Plans-sur-Bex (end of the segment), you continue along the forest road towards Les Pars and then Gryon.

A little mountain pasture road


The Col du Pillon is a must in the Vaud Alps. But who has ever continued their effort up to the superb Lac Retaud? This segment offers you to discover this ascent. The ascent of the Pillon from Les Diablerets is initially easy, before the slope steepens in the last two kilometres, while the spectacular Dar waterfall can be admired on the right. At the pass, there is still 1.6km at 8% on a small alpine road to reach the Lac Retaud and take a break at the restaurant whose terrace offers a magnificent view of the surrounding peaks.

With views over the plain and surrounding peaks


The road up from Bex towards Gryon is the best option for climbing towards the Col de la Croix. There is little traffic and the views over the plain and surrounding peaks are magnificent.

The section starts at Le Bévieux and you immediately get to the heart of the matter: as far as Fenalet, the gradient fluctuates between 10% and 12% all the time. Then it eases off and you can pick up a good pace all the way to Barboleuse. Short rest areas allow you to recover at Fenalet, Les Posses and Gryon.

A road through the woods


A section on a 4x4 road to appeal to gravel enthusiasts: between Verschiez and the entrance to Panex, this forest climb is perfect for hot summer days. The first section is tarmac before giving way to gravel.

The climb presents no technical difficulties and can even be tackled with a road bike fitted with tyres of 28mm or more. But it's with a gravel bike that you'll have the most fun... and the fastest ascent!

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