Snowtubing and tobogganing in the Vaud Alps

Let yourself slide on a buoy for moments of laughter, thrills and unforgettable memories. Fun for all the family. Just choose your run and your buoy, and away you go!

Secured on a buoy and released in a bob run, let the snow spin under your inner tube and enjoy the thrills of a rapid descent!

Connect the children to the older ones and go down held to each other, the sound of laughter erupts, the children ask for more and the adults are taken back to their youth.

Snowtubing is an original and very fun activity to do during the day, after skiing or even at night. All generations set off on the slopes on different gradients for several levels of emotions; moderate descent and under control or more intense with thrilling accelerations. On some tracks, the most daring fly away...

The Vaud Alps offer snowtubing facilities in Leysin and Les Mosses. Leysin Tobogganing Park is a unique complex created by a bobsleigh champion. From year to year, the park sees its offer enhanced by ever more exciting attractions.

HERO - Tobogganing Park - Leysin - Winter - Vaud Promotion - Zoé Rey
Tobogganing Park Leysin

Ride on the slopes and tracks of the tobogganing park in Leysin for exciting and fun moments for both adults and children.

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After skiing on the slopes of the Col des Mosses, continue with a completely different sliding session. Bursts of laughter and delirious moments follow each other as you descend down these two snow toboggan runs into the heart of the village of Les Mosses. Winter days are rich with diverse experiences and permanent memories.

Snowtubing - winter - Les Mosses
Snowtubing Les Mosses

Snow, inner tubes and a bit of craziness: that’s all you need for a ride on the snowtubing in Les Mosses!

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In Leysin, near the Tobogganing Park, the Village des Neiges immerses you in the magic of winter; an escape into a fantasy world of white and magic. A Nordic atmosphere reigns in the igloos where the decoration inspired by Scandinavia gives a warm tone in phase with the constructions made of snow.

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