Ride with sleigh dogs in the Alpes vaudoises

Escape for a sleigh ride with Siberian dogs! A friendly winter adventure to enjoy with family or friends.

Sled dogs: a unique adventure

Come live a unique adventure on board a sled pulled by polar dogs in the magnificent setting of the Alpes vaudoises! Comfortably seated on a sleigh, let yourself be guided for a ride on the snowy slopes. Animal lovers, wilderness lovers or simply adventurers looking for an activity with family or friends, take advantage of this emotional moment to enhance your stay in the mountains in an unusual way.

In landscapes covered with snow, the polar dogs evolve in an environment that they love. To the delight of their passengers, comfortably settled in their sleigh, they set off with enthusiasm on their snowy trails for a polar ride.

Learn more about the art of driving a sled in the company of mushers who will pass on their technique and their passion. You'll discover how a carriage works and learn about this unusual profession.

Husky rides in the snow

Without a sled, Siberian husky rides through snow-covered landscapes are a magical experience. Another way to share a special moment with these dogs straight from the cold lands.

Musher Glacier 3000

Let's meet Charlotte and discover a 100% mountain job.

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Other Nordic activities that may also interest you

After having enjoyed your polar experience with sleigh dogs and if you like the company of animals, why not try ski joëring. This discipline combines skiing while being pulled by a horse for unique sliding sensations.

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