Ski joëring in the Alpes vaudoises

Discover the Alpes vaudoises by sliding on your skis while being pulled by horses.

Try an unusual and little-known activity in Western Switzerland to be practised in winter in the snowy lands of the Alpes vaudoises: ski joëring!

Ski joëring is a sporting activity that combines skiing and horse riding. Skis on, let yourself be carried away in nature by the trot and gallop of a horse and its rider.

Spend privileged moments in the company of horses and be guided by specialised instructors to enjoy this extraordinary sport in a magnificent setting!

The principle is simple: equipped with a pair of alpine skis, hang on to a bar connected to the horse. Just stand on your legs and firmly grasp the bar, and go! You set off gently on the ski slope for an adventure in the fresh air.

Children can practise ski joëring with a pony. This adventure is sure to leave an unforgettable memory for your children who will never stop reminding you of the fantastic sliding experience accompanied by a mischievous little pony.

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If ski joëring has won you over, let yourself go in contemplation during a ride with the sleigh dogs or a snowshoe hike in the magical landscapes of the Vaud Alps.

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