The skateparks and pump tracks of the Vaud Alps

Keep in shape and continue training in the winter when weather conditions are favourable. The facilities remain partially accessible in winter depending on the situation.

For skateboarding and pump track enthusiasts, the various slopes of the Vaud Alps offer great opportunities to have fun or practise various acrobatic moves.

Put on your rollerblades, get on your skateboard or scooter and launch yourself into the banked turns of a pump track. Work on your tricks at the skatepark and meet other skateboarding enthusiasts.

The fun continues in winter. Some facilities remain accessible in winter depending on the situation, particularly those on the plain. Tests of acrobatic tricks follow one another throughout the year, as do trajectories on the pump tracks.

If the profile of these installations puts you off, spend a moment watching the skaters evolve and admire more or less mastered jumps and tricks.

These areas promote exchanges between passing audiences and riders and allow you to share a good time in a relaxed way in the open air.

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The skateparks and pump tracks open in winter to perfect your skills and practise all year round!

The call of skateboarding! Meet at the skatepark or pump track.


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