HERO - The village of Rossiniére covered in snow on a winter day from above - Winter

Rossinière in winter

At the entrance to the Pays-d'Enhaut, the small village of Rossinière gives you a warm welcome, nestled in an idyllic environment, between charm, nature and centuries-old history.

Located at the entrance to the Pays-d'Enhaut from Bulle, Rossinière seduces visitors with its exceptional architectural heritage. With its hundred-year-old wooden chalets, stroll through the streets of this small mountain village. Equipped with your audio guide , learn more about the history of these centuries-old buildings.

Both in summertime and wintertime, Rossinière is also the ideal starting point for many walks. Reach the frozen shores of Lake Vernex and go around it. The snowy landscapes will bring a magical touch to your walk.

Take the time to discover the Grand Chalet of Balthus located in the centre of the village. With its cheese cellar with a storage capacity of 600 truckles, it is the largest wooden chalet in Europe. Famous guests such as Victor Hugo and Alfred Dreyfus have stayed here! It now belongs to the family of the famous painter Balthus. A little further in the village, stop at the Balthus chapel . This place is dedicated to the memory and works of the artist.

Close to the border between the cantons of Fribourg and Vaud, Rossinière hides many labyrinths in its mountains. At the time, military forts were present to defend the valley from invaders. Cheeses have now replaced ammunition on the shelves, but these mazes are still marked by the passage of the army. Take on these long, dark corridors on a guided tour.

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