Top 6 road bike routes in the Alpes vaudoises

In the wake of the Tour de France 2022, visit the Alpes vaudoises by road bike. Legendary alpine passes, lush green valleys and imposing massifs, the scenery is magnificent, the reliefs match your expectations.

The Alpes vaudoises roads vary in gradient and distance but all have the same thing in common: magnificent panoramic views. Each cyclist will find a route that best suits their ability.

Ambitious cyclists take on mythical passes at the foot of Alpine peaks, accumulating the difference in altitude and the passes crossed while enjoying the spectacular views and acceleration during the descents.

Endurance cyclists pedal from the plain to the mountain villages on winding roads. The satisfaction of having perfectly negotiated the turns and the exhilarating sensations during the descent delights the cyclists.

Leisure cyclists take advantage of the undulating relief of the Rhône valley and the plateaus of the side valleys while visiting the many tourist attractions of the Alpes vaudoises.

Criss-cross the Alpes vaudoises by road bike and discover our 6 routes among the most beautiful in the region.

1. The Col de la Croix - A mythical passage in the Alpes vaudoises

At an altitude of 1,778 metres above sea level, the Col de la Croix connects two resorts in the Alpes vaudoises, Les Diablerets and Villars. The ascent of the Col de la Croix by bike is the highlight of your tour to be written in your road book. The Tour de France passed there at the beginning of July.

Col de la Croix à vélo, Alain Rumpf (3)
A loop in the Alpes vaudoises via the Col de la Croix

From the plain to the mountain villages, from one valley to another, along the green pastures

2. The Mittelberg pass - A pearl hidden in the mountains

Typical chalets, superb panoramic views, preserved environment and renowned mountain ranges, this tour takes you into the heart of nature. Take advantage of the views of the mountains of the neighbouring Bernese and Fribourg region. Set foot in the heart of the village, take the time to contemplate the period chalets with flowers and sometimes decorated facades.

View of Château-d'Œx and Rougemont - summer - Château-d'Œx Cabane des Choucas - Pays-d'Enhaut Region
Mittelberg, a pass in full nature between Pays-d'Enhaut and Saanenland

A loop route from one linguistic region to another


3. Chablais plain - Hills and a calm river

At the foot of the Alpes vaudoises, the choice of cycling routes is endless and the environment varies between refreshing forests, wide fields, gentle hills and a peaceful river. You are on holiday, so take the time to cross the villages and stop there to fill your water bottle at the fountain. A brief break during which you perceive the peaceful life out of time that these charming and flowery hamlets seem to offer.

Birdge Rhône - summer - Aigle
Cereal fields, groves and a route along the waterside

The Chablais plain offers soft and varied reliefs, between hills and rivers

4. The Alpine panorama - Stunning viewpoints

If you are suffering during your climb, raise your head from the handlebars and contemplate the view of the Alpes vaudoises. Admire the snow-capped peaks and appreciate what you have already achieved. Magnificent viewpoints are revealed along your route, making you forget the effort required. Appreciate the satisfaction of having managed to complete the tour with pleasure.

L'Hongrin paysage - été - Leysin Les Mosses - M. Piron
Viewpoints on the valley, on the peaks and the Alps on all sides

Look up and capture the stunning views on this tour

5. Along the water by road bike - Lakes, rivers and gorges

If you are looking for some fresh air while touring on your bike, follow this loop route that keeps you cool along white mountain waters. Walk along the rivers, pass near the reservoirs, smell the fresh and humid air of the gorges. Regain your energy for the rest of the course.

L'Hongrin lac et paysage - été - Leysin Les Mosses - M. Piron
A bike tour along the rivers and lakes of the Alpes vaudoises

Fresh and invigorating waters during your bike tour


6. La Strada Bianca - Dirt road, hamlet and pastures.

A tour combining asphalt and dirt roads just like the Strada Bianca in Tuscany. The gravel section is perfectly rolling and gives all its charm to this route which runs along the pastures and passes through the protected hamlet of Taveyanne. Splendid views to the south and west reward you as you arrive at the highest point. Enjoy the thrilling descents at times

Les Chaux - Barboleuse via Frience and les Arsets
A trip between forests, meadows and heritage hamlet

A climb to the heights to admire the view to the south and enjoy all the thrills of a steep descent

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