Rando Center

Villars, Gryon and Les Diablerets support you in your first steps towards practising ski touring!

Would you like to discover ski touring on your own or accompanied by a guide, as a family or with friends? At Villars-Gryon, we help you make a start with ski touring. We provide you with everything you require to discover ski touring, combining enjoyment and safety:

  • swept routes accessible for large numbers

  • high-quality rental equipment, supported by Dynafit and POMOCA

  • personal support to guide you in your first steps, overseen by the Swiss Ski School in Villars or in Gryon

  • professionals to listen to your requirements

  • advice to help you get started safely

  • large open spaces to explore 

My passion for ski touring was communicated to me by a close friend with experience in this field. She always told me "You who like to move and be outside, I'm sure you're going to love it" and it's true! Going out with friends in a wonderful setting, incredible powder sensations in a wild setting... It really made me want to get into it! However, I don't hide the fact that as a beginner, it was not easy to start. I didn't have any knowledge about the appropriate equipment to have, nor about any technique to adopt, nor about the dangers of the mountain and the possible routes. I was a bit lost and discouraged! In the end, all this knowledge was transmitted to me little by little by a friend and my boyfriend, himself an alpine rescuer. I think the concept of Rando Center is great, because it makes it easier for beginners to ski touring, and it brings together all the information I would have liked to have to start!
Hélène D’Haenens
Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you always wanted to know about ski touring but never dared to ask!

What is ski touring?
Can I practice ski touring with children?
How much time is required for a ski touring tour?
Can i go on a ski touring tour on my own?
Can I go ski touring at night?
Do I have to purchase a ski pass to practice ski touring?
What is the ideal period for going ski touring?
Can i use the same clothes that i wear for alpine skiing?


What are the requirements for practising ski touring?
Should I have done avalanche training to start ski touring?
I have already practised ski touring, should i do further training?
Rando Center Experience

Stage 1 - Plan your Rando Center experience

When you call a partner sports shop, you can reserve: 

  • your equipment, comprising skis, shoes and sticks.

  • a ski touring course, if you would like to learn in a calm and guided way. On the course you benefit from support from instructors.

Adult Child
Dynafit full kit (Skis + shoes + sticks) CHF 80.- / day CHF 65.- / day
Full kit and 1 hour introduction lesson CHF 80.- CHF 65.-

Etape 2 - Pick-up your equipment

Come to one of our partner shops to pick up your hire equipment. You will be given instructions with regard to the use of the special ski touring equipment. Our partners will support you and are available to answer your questions.

Stage 3 - Get going

  • Would you like to go ahead on your own?

Take your first steps in ski touring on the Villars-Gryon routes.

  • Would you like to be accompanied by a pro to start with?     

Come to the Villars Ski School or the Swiss Ski School in Villars or Gryon or Les Diablerets to train with one of the instructors. On the introductory course, you will learn to use the equipment correctly (use of fixings, placement of the skins and blades), assimilate good techniques and movements when practising ski touring (learning about conversions, rhythm and attire), and you will benefit from the advice of a pro. This course will enable you to acquire the basics of ski touring and become independent.

Anthony Leutenegger


Monter à la force des jambes demande de l’énergie, prenez toujours avec vous de la nourriture et de l’eau. Les barres de céréales et les fruits secs sont très pratiques pour vous donner rapidement un coup de fouet. N’oubliez pas de prendre un petit sac à dos avec vous. Un sac est très utile pour ranger votre veste s’il fait trop chaud, ou vos peaux de phoque dont vous n’aurez plus besoin lors de la descente ! Prendre deux paires de gants peut s’avérer très utile lors d’une excursion: une paire plus fine sera plus agréable pour la montée, et une paire plus épaisse vous tiendra plus chaud pour la descente.

Anthony Leutenegger


When you start, avoid climbing too steep a slope, and press your heels with each step. If the slope becomes too steep, climb it in a Z shape. This stops you becoming too tired and helps you keep your balance better. Do not lift your feet too much with each step as that is tiring. Get into the habit of letting the skis slide on the snow.

Anthony Leutenegger


Before attacking the slopes, don’t forget to put your shoes in the climbing position, then in the descent position at the summit. Before setting off downhill, check your fixings: the heel must be fixed and secured. 

Anthony Leutenegger


Don’t let your sealskins dry out in the sun or near a heat source (radiator). This can damage the adhesive on your skins. When you put on or take off your skins, avoid letting them fall in the snow to ensure they adhere well if you put them on a second time. In fact, if the adhesive is damp, the skins tend to stick less well to the skis.

Ski de randonnée Gryon groupe
Rando Parc

Explore the ski touring routes in Villars, Gryon and Les Diablerets

Safety and environment


  • The Rando Parc may only be used by those who possess the necessary technical abilities, fitness and equipment.

  • You use the signposted routes at your own risk.  

  •  There are no ski patrols working on the ascending tracks at any time.

  •  The runs are closed outside operating hours of the ski and gondola lifts (before 8:45 a.m. and after 4:30 p.m.). Caution: Snow groomers equipped with traction cables may be operating in the area – risk of death!


  • The Villars, Gryon and les Diablerets Tourist Offices and Dynafit decline all responsibility in case of any accidents. Please follow the safety guidelines.

  • Don’t leave any garbage behind, show consideration for the natural environment and the property owners of the land used! The forest is an undisturbed wildlife habitat, so please stay on the marked trails.

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