New for winter 2022-23

Winter starts with its share of new things in Villars-Gryon-Les Diablerets-Bex.

Villars Alpine Resort, a new hotel park combining historical traditions and ecological concepts

Villars Palace finished going through its magnificent metamorphosis at the end of June 2022, and this is closely followed closely the Victoria Hotel & Residence which will be completed in December 2022.

The majestic icon of Villars has just reopened its doors. Its transformation aims to enhance the rich history of this monument of Villars while offering a service adapted to environmental issues. With its “zero waste” restaurant, its many exhibitions and its incredible hospitality, the Palace, which is certified as “Swisstainable”, is sure to make an impression on everyone.

Topics that are particularly important to the Villars Alpine Resort are the use of clean energy, the implementation of various measures relating to the fight against climate change, and the formation of partnerships to realise these objectives.

To achieve this, 459 m2 of photovoltaic solar panels have been installed in a solar park at the Victoria Hotel & Residence, 518 m2 on its balustrades as well as 60 m2 of thermal solar panels to heat the water in swimming pools and bathrooms. To give you an idea, these developments, the objective of which is to produce renewable energy, will enable 81,138 people to consume hot water for one year.

A vegetable garden “in the heart of the Swiss Alps” also makes it possible to serve fruits and vegetables of rare quality in the gourmet restaurants of the resort and in the various relaxation areas at the two hotels (Victoria and Palace). Workshops are offered too, and these aim to introduce participants to permaculture and allow people of all ages to carry out an activity in contact with nature in a magical setting.

Redeveloped ski areas

A new slope linking Cabane (2,525 m) to Pillon (1,546 m) is planned for the 2022-2023 winter season in the Glacier 3000 ski area. At the same time, a new chairlift connecting Lac Noir and Chaux-Ronde will greatly reduce waiting times for skiers in this sector.

To all skiers: prepare yourselves for an extraordinary experience at Glacier 3000, where a new trail is to be opened up in the Pierres Pointes sector. You will have the opportunity to set off on a 41° slope; one of the steepest in the Alps, through a tunnel that is 265 metres long and about 2.50 m. wide, which crosses the Rocher Jaune. This means that 1,000 metres of descents will be added, all without building new ski lifts, but by optimising existing ones.

You will probably have realised that this slope is reserved for more experienced skiers. Freeride enthusiasts will also be delighted because when new snowfall occurs it will not be packed down immediately, though it will always be safe. From the summit of the Scex Rouge to the Col du Pillon, you can enjoy a descent of 6 km, which enables you to negotiate an altitude difference of 1,500 metres in just a few minutes. So, lovers of powder snow know what they have to do!

We should also mention the installation of a brand-new chairlift in the Villars-Diablerets-Gryon ski area to replace the old 4-seater chairlift between Lac Noir and Chaux-Ronde, which no longer meets current requirements. The passage per hour will be increased from 2,400 to 4,000 people, significantly improving the visitor experience.

A brand-new fitness centre and a cosy cultural space await you in Villars

For indoor sports enthusiasts, a new fitness centre is opening its doors in Villars. Come and try out high-quality fitness equipment and admire the amazing view of the surrounding mountains in a brand-new dedicated space.

A fitness centre on three levels with all-new technology equipment and devices. You now know where to go in Villars to stay in shape from the 2022-2023 winter season onwards.

Situated near the ice rink and the Bains de Villars, a new building will welcome you shortly, enabling you to exert yourself physically in optimum conditions. While the lower ground floor, connected with the swimming pool and the Bains de Villars, will be dedicated to changing areas, physiotherapy consulting rooms and storage spaces, two fitness areas await you on the upper floors. An aerobic room, as well as a functional space for carrying out intensive training, is to be found on the first floor, with a large fitness area on the second floor that houses several dozen weight machines (cardio training, abdominals, dumbbells, etc.).

When it comes to culture, why not visit café littéraire? Located at Mazots du Clos, a hotel that combines modernity and authenticity, you have the opportunity to meet authors from the region for a book signing in a cosy and relaxed atmosphere, or simply enjoy a lovely drink with friends.

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