Smiling child on the Villars-Bretaye train (BVB line) in summer

What's new for summer 2024

In Villars-Gryon-Les Diablerets-Bex, summer brings with it its share of novelties.

A new iconic attraction, unique in Switzerland, is coming to the Grand Chamossaire this summer

This summer, the ski lifts are expanding their range of attractions: great news for successful family outings!

Facing the void, a new vertiginous platform stimulating the sight, hearing and imagination of visitors will be installed this summer at Grand Chamossaire. With its "Losonnante" device (a Swiss first!), sound and music will be broadcast through the human body. This way of admiring the landscape, via bone conduction, is a unique opportunity to experience the mountains differently all year round, from the highest peak in Villars-sur-Ollon!

A village of 3 prisms will also be set up next to Bretaye station, with the concept of discovering the mountains and surrounding landscapes from an educational and fun angle.

Four new Gravel courses created for adventures rich in breathtaking scenery!

En gravel vers Solalex - EN
© Alain Rumpf

In the Villars-Gryon-Les Diablerets-Bex destination: 4 routes await you!

Gravel biking is booming in the Vaud Alps! A versatile sport that combines different terrains such as 4x4 roads, easy forest trails and tarmac areas away from motorised traffic, four new routes of varying difficulty are available across the Vaud Alps.

Saype returns to Villars this summer


Join us at the Grand Chamossaire for a poetic invitation.

After the success of his ephemeral work "Le soleil a rendez-vous avec la lune" in 2023, the Franco-Swiss artist is returning to Villars-sur-Ollon to create a new giant fresco imbued with poetry and symbolism. In July 2024, come and discover his sensitive work, created using an eco-responsible paint composed mainly of chalk and charcoal.

The new "Avalanche" exhibition at the Musée des Ormonts will run until 19 April 2026!

It's well worth a visit, from the warmth of the shelter!

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of a series of avalanches that hit the commune of Les Ormonts, an exhibition dealing with the historical and scientific aspects of this type of natural disaster will be held in the small village of Vers-L'Eglise, at the Musée des Ormonts!

As well as showing how our Alpine country learned to protect itself against avalanches, the exhibition also looks at the types of avalanches and the factors that trigger them... Admission is free for holders of the Welcome & Loyalty card, and for children under 16.

Reopening of Restaurant Botta at Glacier 3000

Reopening planned for late summer

Following the fire that destroyed the Botta restaurant in Glacier 3000, Mario Botta is once again in charge of the architecture of the new restaurant. The interior has been completely redesigned to improve the quality of the customer experience and fire safety. The new structure will incorporate a solar power plant and optimise the interior space, offering seating for 400. A 250m2 panoramic terrace on the roof of the building will offer exceptional views of the Peak Walk by Tissot and the surrounding peaks.

The project to rebuild the restaurant includes the installation of 600 solar panels on the south-west façade of the building. This will cover a large part of the restaurant's energy consumption. The heat released by kitchen ventilation will also be reused to produce hot water.

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