Winter high-altitude restaurants in the Vaud Alps

An isolated chalet in the magic of winter, a ridge-top restaurant with panoramic views. Take a break in the high-altitude restaurants hidden under the snow of the Vaud Alps.

The high-altitude restaurants of the Vaud Alps are welcome refuges on a beautiful winter’s day.

Enjoy your descent on the ski slopes, take a walk in the snow or take a snowshoe trail, a mountain restaurant is never too far away.

Open the door to the restaurant; you are always guaranteed a warm welcome. Enjoy the delicious authentic products by the fireside, the memory of which will stay with you forever.

Taste the traditional specialities of our mountains, taste authentic products prepared in an original way or share a quick and tasty snack on an open terrace with views of the peaks of the Vaud Alps. Culinary breaks combine perfectly with winter activities in the great outdoors. The moments of gliding through the snow start again after having enjoyed your meal.

Combine Chablais wines with your dishes, the characteristics of one enhance the bouquet of the other. Chablais winegrowers are well represented in establishments in the Vaud Alps.

Fast and tasty snacks or gourmet cuisine, the high-altitude restaurants offer something for everyone. Sit down, enjoy the spectacular views and good food.

Vaud Alps high-altitude restaurants, the ideal place to eat

Take refuge by the fire to savour local delicacies


Culinary specialities and gastronomic moments

A desire for sweetness, discovery of a regional product or a hunger to satisfy, the restaurants of the Vaud Alps can cater for the most varied requests.

The environment is distinguished by a warm chalet-type setting or an imaginative decoration, an urban or young and trendy atmosphere; spend evenings in the place of your choice.

Buvette de Rubloz Winter
Mountain bar keeper

Andreas Henchoz tells us about the winters he spends at the Rubloz mountain bar.

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