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Ski lift mechanic

Maugan Roeland, ski lift mechanic in Leysin - Les Mosses - La Lécherette.

A ski lift mechanic, Maugan Roeland maintains the ski facilities in Leysin, Les Mosses and La Lécherette.

Coming from neighbouring France, Maugan redirected his career to the maintenance of ski lifts. Formally a mechanic on public works machinery, he started to work three years ago on the facilities of Leysin - Les Mosses -La Lécherette.

Maugan enjoys working outdoors in contact with nature.

The resort maintenance schedule varies a lot throughout the year. After the winter season, major overhauls are performed on all the equipment, which is checked from A to Z in terms of safety and lubrication. Summer is much quieter; the mechanic takes care of secondary work. Just before winter, an important phase of preparation and reinstallation of the resort's facilities takes place so that they are ready to go as soon as the snow arrives. During the winter, the work involves maintenance and periodic checks of the equipment to ensure that everything is in perfect working order.

During an overhaul, Maugan explains, it is essential to be attentive to safety, whether on a pylon or in the station: making sure you are always attached for pylon work and that the installation cannot start up for station work.

A good mechanic must be very versatile: electricity or mechanics, the fields vary and require extensive knowledge and skills.

Maugan’s favourite season is springtime. The snow is starting to melt, the birds are coming back and Maugan is working on the lines.

Any advice for this job? It takes perseverance. In winter, being outdoors all the time is not always pleasant. Maugan goes to work with a happy heart, he likes the outdoor life and finds many advantages to this job.

The ski area of Leysin - Les Mosses - La Lécherette

The facilities for which Maugan and his colleagues are responsible are located in several sectors: Leysin, Les Mosses and La Lécherette. The area offers 100 kilometres of slopes.

Leysin is known to snowboarders and freestylers for its Leysinpark - snowpark including an Olympic half-pipe. The revolving restaurantLe Kuklos dominates the Chablais region and offers panoramic views from the lake to the Valais, Vaud and even the Savoy Alps. In winter, its south-facing slopes attract skiers in search of the sun.

The ski area of Les Mosses and La Lécherette is popular with families thanks to its accessibility and dream conditions: early snowfall and generous sunshine.

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