Kayaking, rafting, hydrospeed and canyoning in the Vaud Alps

Plunge into the rivers of the Vaud Alps! Row, slide or swim and discover natural waterways, dramatic gorges and peaceful shores.

Often cited to symbolically delimit the German-speaking and French-speaking regions of Switzerland, the Sarine is a untamed river in the Pays-d'Enhaut whose course offers a natural setting of real beauty for the practice of whitewater activities.

Let yourself float along with the currents, face the rapids and eddies while admiring the beauty of the surrounding landscape, fauna and flora: these whitewater activities are worth the detour in more ways than one.


In a kayak, learn to handle the paddle and master the various tricks to avoid capsizing! The descent promises to be full of thrills. 

Kayaking - Summer - Pays d'Enhaut - Pixabay
Kayaking on the Sarine River

In the Pays-d'Enhaut, sail on the Sarine River in a kayak and discover this wild river.

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Let's go for a descent of the river and the crossing of the rapids. Paddle aboard your unsinkable and very stable raft. The guide accompanies you in each step in order to have fun in complete safety.

On board a raft, with your teammates, the current takes you on the waves where passages of rapids, moments of contemplation and crossing of gorges follow one after the other.

Rafting with Rivières & Aventures - summer - Château-d'Œx - Pays-d'Enhaut Region
Rafting on the Sarine

Raft down the Sarine, cross its gorges and discover the beauty of the Pays d'Enhaut from the perspective of this wild river.

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Let yourself drift on the water in hydrospeed, this small raft that takes you to the rhythm of the river. Equipped with your float, swim to discover the Sarine!

Hydrospeed gives you a feeling of freedom especially when you go along the gorges. The panorama of the Vaud Alps is particularly beautiful from the river.

Canyoning, White-Water Rafting and Riverboarding - summer - Pays d'Enhaut - Rivières Aventures
Hydrospeed in the Sarine river

Equipped and accompanied, you are on the water for a descent of the Sarine. Swim in white water in the sumptuous gorges of the Pays d'Enhaut.

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Canyoning gives you the opportunity to vary the pleasures during your descent of rivers: abseiling, natural slides, diving, pendulum... Go into the majestic gorges of Vanel and Gérignoz equipped with a wetsuit and a harness. A refreshing experience that requires dynamism and courage.

Canyoning - Château-d'Oex - été - Guide Concept

Between zip lines, jumps and natural slides, the relief of the Pays d'Enhaut is a beautiful playground for canyoning.

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Rest assured, a professional will accompany you!

A canyoning, rafting, hydrospeed or kayaking trip takes place supervised by certified and experienced guides who adapt the activity to the abilities of each group and each person.

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If the white water activities have made your mouth water, continue to explore the Vaud Alps from the air by paragliding or on land by climbing the rock face of a via ferrata course.

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