Man in a kayak on the Sarine in Pays-d'Enhaut

Kayaking in the Alpes vaudoises

Aboard your kayak, let yourself be carried away by the fast flow of a wild river and experience rapids and eddies. No need to explore rivers abroad : kayaking in Switzerland, in the Alpes vaudoises, will delight whitewater activity enthusiasts.

Kayak adventure: spectacular viewpoints

The best place for kayaking in the Vaud Alps is on the Sarine. This untamed river in the Pays-d'Enhaut offers the ideal setting for practising whitewater activities and conceals secret corners to discover. As you descend, you cross the magnificent Vanel and Gérignoz gorges and discover banks lined with verdant forests.

A unique experience
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Kayaking: how does it work?

Take a seat in your kayak, the traditional Inuit boat, and using your paddle, get ready to face the rapids of the river. You will then let yourself be guided by the current. During more technical passages and eddies, you will have to handle your paddle with dexterity to keep your boat balanced on the waves. Thrills and emotions are guaranteed!

Preparing for a successful kayak outing

To get on board a kayak and embark on the river, it is essential to know how to swim and to have a minimum level of courage! The qualified guides who supervise the outing provide you with the necessary equipment. They also ensure that the entire kayak trip takes place in complete safety. Follow their advice and make the most of the currents.

A whitewater experience accessible to all

Do you dream of descending a river on a kayak, immersing yourself in nature and increasing your adrenaline? If you are new to the practice, the guides will make sure you are ready before setting off down the river and the rapids. For the more experienced, routes are also planned so that everyone can live this experience in the way that best suits them.

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