Indoor swimming pools in the Vaud Alps

The well-being linked to weightlessness does considerable good after a day of winter sports. Dive into the pools for simple body relaxation or swim a few lengths in the style that you feel most at ease.

During your stay, improve your swimming technique in the indoor pools. Do 'your' mile in the stroke you enjoy the most or practise other more difficult strokes to gain comfort. Put into practice you favourite swimming stokes and feel your own strength propel you through the surface of the water.

Combine winter sports and swimming for busy sports days.

Share a moment at the pool with the children; they love to play in the water and at the same time control their fear of water.

Going to the swimming pool is a good alternative in case of bad weather for outdoor activities..

Piscine de Villars-intérieur-Olivier Fatzer
Indoor swimming pools for a few swims or an aquagym class

Swim a series of lengths to improve your fitness.

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Improve your flexibility, strengthen your back, develop your muscles, the sports halls of the Vaud Alps give you the opportunity to maintain your shape while having fun.

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